Educational Workshops

This interactive series provides professionals the opportunity to develop their skills. From digital marketing to organizational & budget tools, the courses promote business advancement. Learn what it takes to become a better business leader through our Educational Workshops.


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Lunch & Learn

Monthly themed Educational Workshops will focus on the key tools to help you grow your business! From Marketing Strategies to How to Write a Business Plan to Lunch & Learn with Business Consultants.

How To Use Social Media

Utilize social media for your business! In this workshop, participants will be able to takeaway useful tools for optimizing their social media platforms & website. Learn how to create engaging content, how to review analytics, track website conversion & improve your presence online!

Laptop is required for this course
Instructor: Carlos Zuluaga | Lion Fuse Digital Media | Joined 2014

LinkedIn 101

Business to Business selling made easy! In this course participants will learn how to use your LinkedIn profile to target a specific audience in a compelling way. Utilize LinkedIn to: acquire a strong list of contacts & leads, leverage referrals from your existing contact network & create a prospecting and selling plan.

Laptop is required for this course
Instructor: Erik Chafin | Connections for Business | Joined 2016

Network Like A Pro

How to use networking to increase your business! Get more referrals connections & associates. Transform the way you do business by utilizing tools for success when it comes to networking.

Instructor: Helen Vella-Basilone | Vella Coaching | Joined 2016

Video Marketing

In this interactive course, participants will learn about successful video marketing techniques and create your own marketing video. Learn about the power of video! Boost conversions & sales, increase organic SEO and share your business across platforms.

Smart phone is required for this course
Instructor | Steven Sarsfield | Joined 2010

Quickbooks Tutorials

Learn about the available Quickbook tools to optimize your business’ organizational tools for a more efficient process. Participant in this 101 course to become a Quickbooks Pro!